This is a set of PHP scripts for the QuantumSTEP and GNUstep SWI (SoftWare-Index).

It resembles killefiz.de/zaurus (no longer active - the Appstore for the Sharp Zaurus) and versiontracker.com

The idea is to have a mixture of a App-Store (i.e. each application has a "Product Page" with features, links, screenshots etc.) and a publication feed ("news").

The SWI also provides a RSS feed and the download as a (GNUstep compatible) Property List.

The SWI does not provide hosting of the binaries - it is just an index (with user-editable links to sources or binaries).

It saves multiple versions and links them together so that you can track older or newer releases.

User management is included so that registered users can subscribe to individual applications and receive update notifications.

Special users ("managers") have the access rights to approve submissions and change requests (which can be done by guests). This avoids spamming.

SWI has been donated to the GNUstep project and is now licenced under GPL 2+.

SWI in Operation

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Nikolaus Schaller

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