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2 hours 18 minutes makesd: fix applying tune2fs only after running fsck
Mar 2, 2023
20 days 21 hours makesd: check if we have installed an older Debian and downgrade features of the ext4 file system or the automatic fsck would fail on boot
Jan 18, 2023
2 months 4 days makesd: prepare to improve auto-generation of partition names; add a fixme for defining min/max partition sizes
2 months 4 days makesd: improve rules for raspi and odroid m1
Jan 7, 2023
2 months 15 days makesd: shine3 has its own boot file and does not need to inherit from clara
2 months 15 days makesd: remove -f1ext3 code as too cryptic; reinstall -f-; replace -F ext3 to set the partition format; fixup for ci20 and kobolino which use this mechanism
2 months 15 days makesd: improve debugging and write .makesd.log
2 months 16 days makesd: better group macros
Aug 9, 2022
7 months 13 days add support for SAMA5D2X board
Jul 1, 2022
8 months 21 days makesd: improve sequence of items in partition table
8 months 21 days makesd: fix ci20 to create an ext3 partition (u-boot can not handle ext4); fix kernel variant download
May 26, 2022
9 months 24 days makesd: streamline macro definition for PinePhone and add/separate odroid-m1 and odroid-m1-orig
9 months 24 days makesd: use different makeds -t options for different file system formats
May 23, 2022
9 months 27 days makesd: add new -n option to define partition name different from default (which is derived from partition format)
Apr 20, 2022
11 months 2 days makesd: add pattern pandora-auto which adds /autoboot.txt
Oct 25, 2021
1 year 4 months make file: pattern work so that we can install images stored locally
Oct 22, 2021
1 year 5 months makesd: fix clara and shine3 1. we must install a zImage kernel 2. rename shine3 to shine3-old which used the Clara "boot" file and just overwrote u-boot and env 3. new shine3 macro
1 year 5 months cosmetic changes and add date to makesd.info
Sep 10, 2021
1 year 6 months makesd: add support for RasPi 0(W)
Jul 20, 2021
1 year 8 months makesd: fix x86 install of grub.cfg and clarify use of -x option

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