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Meeting/Hacking session during FOSDEM 2018


Meeting in person and hacking together during FOSDEM 2018.

We plan to organise some tinkerphone hacking meeting e.g. Friday evening, Saturday morning (FOSDEM opens 12:00) or Saturday night.

Participation /Stay in Brussels

Please add: yes,likely, unsure, no

NamemailFr. 2. FebSa. 3. FebSu. 4. FebHotel
Nikolaushns@goldelico.comarrive ca 20:30yesyesArgus
Andreasarrive 14:00yesyesArgus
Boudewijnwankelwankel@yahoo.com18h-20hyesyesprobably Airbnb, I might be a spare bed
Juliushopefullyhopefullyhopefullynot yet
Christcvwillegen@gmail.comAt B&B at 20.00yesLeave in the afternoonB&B Impasse Pitchoune
Liviuliviu.farbas@gmail.comyesyesyesMidi Station Hotel
Martindebacle@debian.org (XMPP same address)sorry, can't make itn/a
Wolfgangwreg@wiedmeyer.dearrive ca. 22:00yesyes
Mickeymickey at vanille.dearrive ca. 20:00yesyesAqua
Arsenijscrimier at yandex.ruarriving at ~23:00yesyesnot yet