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List of new U-Boot commands

new U-Boot commands

These new commands are available in the Beagle/Panda-Hybrid version of U-Boot. For a listing of all commands, just use the help command of U-Boot.


  • status in[it] - setup GPIOs
  • status ge[t] - get button status
  • status se[t] hh - set LEDs to lower 4 bit
  • status se[t] - increment last state, i.e. make LEDs count
  • status mi[rror] - read button status and mirror to LEDs until a key is pressed
  • status bl[ink] - blink LEDs
  • status vi[bra] -255..255 - control vibrator H-bridge
  • status fl[ash] - control flash light


  • lcm in[it] - initialize subsystem (DSS, GPIOs etc.)
  • lcm fb address - set framebuffer address
  • lcm fb 0 - show constant color
  • lcm color color - set background color (RRGGBB)
  • lcm ba[cklight] dd - set backlight level (0..255)
  • lcm po[wer] dd - set power level (0..2)
  • lcm on - set lcm on
  • lcm of[f] - set lcm off
  • lcm st[art] - initialize subsystem, power on LCM and backlight


  • tsc init - initialize/enable TSC2007 through I2C2
  • tsc get - read current ADC values (incl. internal temp and AUX/photosensor)
  • tsc lo[op] - read x/y coordinates
  • tsc gl[oop] - read all ADCs and draw bars into the framebuffer
  • tsc ch[oose] cols rows - defines receptive fields and waits until touch is pressed
  • tsc choice x - check if choice was x (1..rows*cols)


  • gps in[it] - initialize GPS (GPIOs for control and baud rate 9600 on UART2)
  • gps on | of[f] - control GPS receiver (and initialize UART)
  • gps ec[ho] - read GPS NMEA from UART until a key is pressed

System Test support:

  • systest - probe peripherals (TPS, I2C etc.)
  • systest au[dio] - generate test sound
  • systest ch[arge] - enabler battery charger and print mV levels
  • systest wl[an] - enable power for WLAN/BT and try to contact Bluetooth HCI
  • systest ir[da] - enable IrDA TX and make it blink slowly (infrared can be made visible through a standard digital camera)


  • halt - write DEVOFF to TPS65950
  • mux - print Pinmux
  • gpio - read/write/change GPIOs (must be pinmuxed to mode 4)

Tricks: * run bootcmd - boot Linux * flash=yes; run bootcmd - flash XLoader, U-Boot, Kernel to NAND